Some New Insights on the Maximum Principle


Prof. Antonio Tarsia, Università di Pisa

January 31, 2022 at 17:00

Abstract. By establishing De Giorgi type level estimates for functions in W 1,t(Ω), Ω ⊂ RN , with t > N ≥2, we prove a new Harnack type inequality for functions which do not necessarily belong to De Giorgi’s classes, as obtained by Benedetto-Trudinger for function W 1,p(Ω), p > 1

As a consequence, we prove the validity of the strong maximum principle for a class of uniformly elliptic operators of order greater than two in fairly general domains. (Joint work with D. Cassani).

Villa Toeplitz

University of Insubria
Via G.B. Vico 46
21100 Varese VA

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