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Mon.-Fri. Lectures 10.00-13.00

The topic of this RISM course will be the validity, at different levels of generality, of the maximum Principle for elliptic degenerate operators and possible applications.

The course will include the following main topics:

  1. Elementary cases: linear, convex and harmonic funtions.
  2. Maximum Principle for uniformly elliptic operators on bounded domains. The theorem Alexandrov-Bakelman-Pucci (ABP). Applications and a priori estimates.
  3. Generalized subharmonic funtions, super-solutions in the sense of Calabi, viscosity supersolutions. Nonlinear version of th ABP theorem.
  4. Maximum Principle for fully nonlinear operators on bounded domains.
  5. Discrete Perron-Frobenius’ theory. Collatz-Wielandt representation formulas. On the validity of the Maximum Principle and positivity of the principal eigenvalue.


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