Mathematics Festival and Riemann Prize postponed to 2021

The emergency due to the pandemic infection SARS CoV-2 has raised the social duty of postponing major international appointments scheduled in 2020.


Accordingly, the board of the Riemann International School of Mathematics has come to the decision of rescheduling the activity in presence of people to the next year. In particular also the Mathematics Festival and celebrations on the occasion of the first edition of the Riemann Prize, whose recipient is Terence Tao.

The overall motivation underlying the project still remains the debate between Mathematics and Sciences in the broad sense up to including Arts, Music and Theater. Debate animated by leading international figures who meet the general public and in particular young generations who have to take important decisions for planning their future.

Meeting, decision, future, words which have been heavily touched by the hard time we are living.

We all know this is not the first time, we have to chase new social dynamics through which we can, and we have to, build up the best possible future. The responsibility of culture in this respect, through many different forms, turns out to be huge and in charge of selecting priorities during this process.

Scientific and historical knowledge, enriched with love for humanity, do not just prevent for negative side effects of the present situation but at the same time give the tool for contributing to the best possible worlds and then…together we will do it!